Friday, June 1, 2012

Chorizo and Eggs

Okay so this a very simple recipe right down to the basics. Now when I say simple I mean 2 ingredients, simple!  I have heard all about the Chorizo thing on the Food Network and from friends. I was so curious I had to try it, so I was told the best way do so is with eggs. Ever since the first time I made this, I have to make it for breakfast everyday now, literally. The best thing that I like about this dish is I don't have use any kind of seasoning like salt and pepper to give it flavor, the chorizo is packed with its own unique flavor.

This is what you'll need:
6 Eggs
4 oz of Chorizo

 You can find the Chorizo in a 8 oz tube, you will only need half. Go ahead and squeeze the Chorizo out the casing into the frying pan that has been heated at med. high temp.

Chunk out the meat, dont stir or break down, youre going to want chunks of Chorizo not a hot dog chili consistency.

Beat your eggs.

Now that the meat is sizzling go ahead and pour in your beaten eggs. Don't mix the eggs and Chorizo together yet. Stir around the eggs until they are starting to get thick.

Once they are starting to get thick go ahead and mix the Chorizo. Continue stirring until you start to feel the eggs sticking to the pan then instead of stirring fold over the eggs continuously until you get a nice scramble.

 Traditionally I think you would use a soft tortilla but I like to eat mine with buttered toast. I also like to top it off with that white Queso Fresca Cheese that crumbles, that's just a preference of mine. Enjoy!


  1. you need tortillas NOT toast girlfriend lol

  2. I know lol I just didn't have any around, I made sure to write down you should use tortilla though lol but toast isnt too bad with it hehe