Saturday, June 2, 2012

Country Style Gravy

Can't be a Southern Gal and not know how to make gravy ha ha. There's so many different types of gravy you can make but my favorite of them all is just the plain ole' Country Style. Add some sausage to it and you can have it for breakfast on your biscuits, omelets, hash browns, well I think you get it ha ha. Its quick and simple to make only thing is you need to stay right with it and continuously keep stirring. Its very easy to mess up, so make sure you follow the recipe as it says. I made the mistake and tried rushing it..bad idea I had to pour the whole thing out and start over. Not trying to scare you just giving you a heads up for the first time gravy makers ha ha!

This is all you will need:

1 Cup of Whole Milk (you can use Buttermilk too)
5 tbsp of butter (margarine works too)
4 tbsp of flour

Since these are the basics I didn't post a picture of all the ingredients together.

First Melt your 5 tbsp of butter in a med. temp pot.

Once the butter has melted add your 5 tbsp of flour.

Stir until you get a dark yellow paste ( most people call it a peanut butter consistency) 

GRADUALLY add your milk to the pot while stirring at the same time, when it gets thick again add a little more milk. You will continue doing so once you have a gravy like texture.

Add your salt and pepper. (This is to your liking) I would recommend 1 tbsp of pepper and 1 tsp of salt. Do your taste testing :).

If its really creamy and thick you made have made gravy! Make sure you do a taste test before serving so you know you put enough salt and pepper in it. 

Doesn't this look yummy? That is if you're like me and love anything deep fried in gravy ha ha. These are Southern Fried Pork Chops and will be posted in my next blog entry.

I hope you enjoy!

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