Saturday, June 2, 2012

Southern Fried Pork Chops

Okay, I know I know its so not healthy but with the word Southern in it, you gotta know its going to be so good but so bad for you ha ha. I like to top mine off with Country Style Gravy it just completes this fried goodness. I don't have much words left to describe this, once you try it you'll know what I mean.

What you will need:

4 Boneless Pork chops
1 Cup Flour
1 Tbsp Garlic Powder
1 Tbsp Onion powder
1 Tbsp Paprika
Salt and Pepper
Canola Oil
1 egg
Whole milk

In a frying pan pour the Canola Oil halfway full. Turn the temp. to Med. High.

While waiting for the oil to heat up go ahead and make your egg and milk mixture. 1 large egg and 1 equal part milk. This is what will hold your flour to your meat.

Now in a plate mix your flour, garlic salt, onion powder, paprika, and a pink of salt and pepper together.

Take your pork chop and dip into the flour mixture first. This is going to make your crust thicker.

Next, dip your floured pork chop into the egg mixture.

Now dip your pork chop back into the flour mixture. Make sure its all covered evenly and press on that flour to give it a nice crust. Repeat with the rest of the chops.

Do a pan test. Drop a drop of water into the oil if its hot enough it will pop. You can also flick a piece of flour in and if it sizzles and pops its ready. Place your pork chops into the oil, (be very careful to not splash and watch for popping grease, you don't want to burn yourself) let them fry for about 15 minutes. Carefully flip them over and fry for another 10 minutes. Always check to make sure they are done by taking one out and cutting through the middle to check for color. A light pink and white is what you're looking for or a full white for those who like a dry chop.

When they're done take them out and place on a plate with a paper towel. This will soak up the grease so you wont have a wet plate.

I top my pork chops off with my Country Style Gravy. Here is the link for my gravy recipes.



  1. This is my husband's favorite recipe. He told me I could make this anytime I want. It's very good! Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is one of my family's favorite! In fact it was requested as my daughter's birthday dinner!!

  3. Made tonight,big hit! Thanks.