Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken

I love those pre-made rotisserie chickens from the grocery store, but for some reason they sell out before I can ever get one. So I vowed to myself I would learn how to make one one day. Sure enough its as easy as going out and picking one up from the store, if not easier ha ha. I have to say also it taste a whole lot better and its a whole lot more juicier if you make it on your own, I'm talking fall off the bone juicy.

All you need:

1 whole chicken
McCormick Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning

Oh yeah, and you're going to need a Crock Pot. So set it on low.

Take your whole chicken in the sink and remove from the plastic. Note: Most whole chickens still have the giblets inside, so this part is messy, and its the one thing I dont really fancy doing ha ha. Stick your hand inside the canal (chicken butt ha ha) and pull the giblets out or you might be able to shake them out too.

Once you're done place your chicken in the Crock Pot. (Wash your hands) Take the Rotisserie Seasoning and sprinkle the top of the chicken, flip it over with a spatula if you don't want to touch the chicken and sprinkle some more on this side.

 I like to place Garlic Cloves in my pot, because anything with garlic taste better, I say!

Now cover and in 6 hours you will have one scrumptious rotisserie.

You probably will have leftovers save the carcass and you can make homemade chicken stock or the leftover meat for a tortilla soup, or even chicken pot pie.

I hope you Enjoy!


  1. Dang that does look good Claire. You can come and cook at my house anytime.